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Welcome to, the site for easily and securely booking tickets for sightseeing and guided tours in Prague. Go see the famous Laterna Magika and Black Light theaters, enjoy Prague at night, taste the great Czech beer, or enjoy Prague from a Segway. We also offer tours to Terezin, or you can see and learn all about the beautiful old Jewish section of Prague. Find your next adventure in Prague here!

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  • Black Light Theatre

    Black Light Theatre is truly a traditional Czech & Prague theatre style. Buy your tickets to Black Light Theatre in Prague here, and enjoy a very special event!

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  • City Cruise Prague

    City Cruise in Prague for one hour is a great way to discover Prague from the riverside. Buy your tickets for this City Cruise in Prague here!

    From $ 9.7 Book Read more

  • Prague Brewery Tour

    Prague Brewery Tour is the best beer tour in all of Czech Republic. Buy your tickets for Prague Brewery Tour here, and taste the famous Czech beer!

    From $ 60.9 Book Read more

  • Terezin Concentration Camp

    Buy your tickets for our full-guided tour of Terezin (Theresienstadt) here. Terezin (Theresienstadt) was the notorious WW2 concentration camp outside Prague!

    From $ 58.4 Book Read more

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